Why Choose the Houston BOMA Energy Program?

As the endorsed energy supplier to Houston BOMA, Constellation has greater flexibility to help you develop energy management solutions to protect your bottom line. Teaming up with Constellation allows you to take advantage of powerful benefits offered to Houston BOMA members. So why should you choose Houston BOMA Energy Program?

Take advantage of exclusive benefits, including:

  • Selected Constellation as endorsed competitive energy supplier in 2016
  • Pre-negotiated contract terms for the commercial real estate industry
  • Free online energy management tools to track usage and billing
  • Dedicated focus on serving commercial property owners and managers
  • Customized energy offers specifically designed for commercial property owners and managers

If you choose Houston BOMA Energy Program, you’ll also have access to webinars and other educational events that can help you implement a better energy management strategy.

Last, but not least, customers who participate in one of Constellation’s association energy programs, like the Houston BOMA Energy Program, tend to report better overall customer satisfaction than those who buy elsewhere.