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Constellation Tees Off Sustainability Efforts with Liberty National Golf Club

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As the official energy provider and preferred energy choice of the PGA of America since 2016, Constellation works with local golf courses and PGA Professionals to improve their environmental and financial sustainability. Constellation can customize projects to meet the needs of each facility to increase efficiency and provide member amenities including: lighting, building automation, water conservation/irrigation, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Customer Profile
Located along the Hudson River in New Jersey, Liberty National Golf Club, home to an 18-hole Championship Golf Course, is one of the elite clubs in the nation. With state-of-the-art amenities, set against a magnificent New York City skyline backdrop, Liberty National has proudly hosted many notable PGA TOUR events, including THE NORTHERN TRUST in 2009 and 2013, and the 2017 Presidents Cup. During these events, the Club welcomes an average of 20,000 people and garners over three million media impressions for any given tournament.

As the fourth U.S. golf course to be chosen for the prestigious Presidents Cup, Liberty National has welcomed some of the world’s best players in a nationally-celebrated venue, revered by spectators and players alike.

The Challenge
Built in 2006, Liberty National’s facilities – from the beautifully-designed course to the state-of-the-art clubhouse – are second to none. However, when Liberty National was selected for the 2017 Presidents Cup in 2014, the Club began a series of major upgrades to accommodate the large attendance, TV viewership, and all around public visibility expected for this milestone PGA TOUR moment.

A comprehensive energy audit was completed to gauge energy use and needs and Liberty National determined that there was a need to undergo a large-scale lighting overhaul to increase energy efficiency and improve members’ experience as they dine, socialize, and host events in the clubhouse.

With a targeted completion date of early September 2017, the capital-intensive requirements of overhauling the lighting system posed a significant challenge.  It was clear that the Club required an energy services provider that would be able to ensure that a new design-build solution would fit their energy needs, budget and timing.

Liberty National called on Constellation as its energy provider, for Constellation’s design-build expertise and a contract solution to fit the Club’s unique financial and operational needs.  As a sponsor of the PGA of America’s sustainability efforts as well as an extensive track record of executing energy efficient lighting programs, Constellation was the best fit to take on Liberty National’s lighting upgrade.

The Solution
Constellation’s efficiency experts knew they could improve older technologies with modern upgrades to match the venue’s superior expectations.  Liberty National engaged Constellation’s alliance partner, Energy Conservation & Supply Global (ECS Global), to audit its facilities and build a turn-key lighting proposal funded through Constellation’s award-winning Efficiency Made Easy® (EME) program.  The result was that the Club was provided with a retrofit of interior and exterior lighting fixtures entirely funded through the EME program with no upfront capital required.

For Liberty National, this meant they could prioritize time and resources to other improvements needed at the Club.  With the associated costs of the project already included in their electricity bill and spread out over the term of their energy contract with Constellation, Liberty National will be able to continue to install the solutions their facility needs while significantly reducing associated maintenance costs.

The Results
Working closely with leading intelligent lighting specialists, ECS Global, and coordinating with the Liberty National Golf Club operations team, Constellation enabled system improvements and LED upgrades that were completed in time for the 2017 Presidents Cup. LED lighting system reduced consumption by 50% resulting in estimated annual energy savings of over $135,000 along with additional annual savings on maintenance due to new equipment that has longer life cycles and newer warranties.

The efficiency improvements administered through Constellation’s EME program will provide the Club with lighting fixtures that will benefit the golf course’s facilities and elite clientele with improved atmosphere and experience for members and guests.

Liberty National serves as an excellent example of how Constellation’s EME program provides facilities with customizable upgrades and energy management tools that have the potential to drastically cut energy costs and improve day-to-day operations.

The PGA Partnership
Through Constellation’s partnership with the PGA of America, we minimize the environmental impact of their signature events including the PGA Championship, KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship, KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup by providing Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to match the electricity used during each event. These RECs certify that 100% of the energy used during PGA of America events will be matched with wind generation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Relationships with leading organizations like PGA of America allow us to connect with fans, promote sustainability and educate consumers about responsible energy use.

For more information on our sustainability efforts with the PGA of America, visit constellation.com/PGA or schedule a free energy-efficiency analysis at your club by filling out our form.

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